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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rooney fit to play against Milan

A very good news for Manchester united, Wayne Rooney started training at Carrington ahead Wednesday's Champions league clash against Milan.

Rooney was in doubt to play against Milan after missing the match against Wolverhampton Wanderers as a result of back to back action at Wembley's energy-sapping pitch.

But Rooney joined the rest of his team-mates at United's training on Tuesday, and Sir Alex later confirmed at his press conference that the forward was fit to play in the game.

"He was extremely doubtful, but he's shown a rapid improvement since Saturday morning and he's okay," revealed the boss. "Unfortunately Wes has had a career blighted by long term injuries and he's got another one. He's broken a bone in his foot and will be out for four to six weeks. I hope we can get him back for some of the season."

Also Wes Brown is out for weeks after the match against Egypt. Also Carrick is suspended for the second leg after receiving his second yellow card of the match.


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Faraz said...

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Robert Gaspar Majestic said...

For sure Rooney's fans are very excited to know that he can play again for the team. I'm very much impressed that he work hard to recover fast and play again.